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HNS Auctions

Join us for the most exhilarating monthly Handshake auctions, all held on our Discord server!

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Attend an auction opening doors to the new, inclusive internet.

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We provide an analytical overview of all names submitted using the best data available.

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Every event will be filled with everything from music and the best commentary! Get ready to party on crypto’s favourite platform: Discord!

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Why are Handshake names so valuable?

What Bitcoin is for the monetary system, Handshake is for the internet. These are the first domain names which are completely decentralised, uncensorable, and give everyone an opportunity to truly own their online identity. It is our belief that everyone will eventually own a Handshake name, whether they know it or not. These auctions are a great opportunity for any keen buyer to find the most premium, sought after TLD’s. Don’t miss out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the auction be held?

The auction will be held on Shakestats Discord server, under the “Auction” section. To join, please click this link:

What if I cannot be there to bid at the specified auction time?

If you are busy at the time of the auction, but still wish to bid, you can apply for one of our staff to bid on your behalf. To apply for this, you must submit the “proxy form”.

If I want to bid by proxy, am I still required to submit the bidders form?

No. If you would like to bid by proxy, you are only required to submit the proxy form.

Under what criteria are names selected

When selecting names, we look at 3 main factors:
- Overall utility of a particular name, whether it is for identity or website purposes
- Current market demand, looking at the bidding volume and prices of comparables on the primary market
- The reserve price: We ensure that the reserve is low enough to ensure that it will sell. The lower the reserve you set, the higher likelihood that it will sell. This is observed in the context of the above two criterions.

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