Shakestats IDN Auction

August 25th, 2021

The first International domain name focused Handshake auction Featuring the leading HNS name reseller, Blockdomains/

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Attend the first auction opening doors to the new, inclusive internet.

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We will provide an analytical overview of all names submitted!

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The event will be filled with everything from music and the best commentary!

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What are IDN’s?

The term IDN refers to “Internationalized domain names” which were introduced on DNS in 2003. Due to many technical and cultural adoption hurdles, their usage has been quite limited, leading to many non-english speakers adapting to phonetic english for their websites, emails and their general online Identity, despite a large increase in native language internet usage. Handshake allows anyone to register TLD’s and subdomains under them, whilst ICANN requires an application to register a new Top level domain, which costs $185,000 USD. With Handshake, anyone can own their identity, no matter the language.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the auction be held?

The auction will be held on Shakestats Discord server, under the “Auction” section. To join, please click this link:

What are the dates and times for the event?

25th of August UTC 12 pm

Hong Kong time 8 pm

AEST (Sydney) 10 pm

UTC-4 (US ET- Washington) 8 am

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